Ekonom Prague - Orienteering Club
Střihej ušáku!!!

Ekonom Praha - orienteering club

  • we are the club of orienteering at VSE (University of Economics) in Prague
  • this club isn´t only for students of VSE, but also for other people who are interested in orienteering
  • we do: foot orienteering (OB), ski orienteering (LOB), mountainbike orienteering (MTBO)
  • more information is available on Czech pages


  • Gym - situated in VSE, No. 4 W. Churchill´s square, Prague 4
        Mondays7,30 p.m. - 9,00 p.m.    basketball, fitness, complex training
        Wednesdays    5,00 p.m. - 6,30 p.m. only fitness
        Thursdays5,30 p.m. - 6,30 p.m. floorball, fitness
  • Map trainings - aren´t regular; information on Mondays session

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  • 5.1.2004 On January 17th & 18th we organize Ski-O Czech Championships - short distance and relay in Harrachov, it is also Championships of Poland and World ranking event (page of this event is mainly in Czech, but the most important information is in English too)
  • 1.3.2003 The new English website was introduced.