Bulletin 1

Organiser: Czech orienteering federation
Technical execution: VSTJ Ekonom Praha, orienteering club
Date: 29. – 30. May 2010
Event centre: Seletice(Nymburk district), about 50km north-east from Prague, football pitch (position on a map)
Type of race: Saturday – 29.5.2010 – Long distance – 7th round Czech MTBO Cup 2010 + Czech championships
Sunday – 30.5.2010 – Middle distance – 8th round Czech MTBO Cup 2010
Categories: D14, D17, D20, D21E, D21, D40, D50 (women)
H14, H17, H20, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C, H40, H50 (men)
P (newcomers)
The right to start in individual categories is due to the Rules of the Czech MTBO federation.
Entries: Till 22.5.2010 by email to mirek.kalina@gmail.com
The entry should contain the name, category, year of birth, SI number.
Entry fees:
 Long distance    Middle distance
DH14 100 CZK 100 CZK
DH17, DH20 200 CZK 200 CZK
DH21, DH40, DH50    320 CZK 320 CZK
P 100 CZK 100 CZK
Foreign competitors could pay the entry fee in cash (CZK) at registration.
Punching: Electronical – SPORTIdent.
You can rent the SI card for 40 CZK (deposit 750 CZK).
Registration: Friday 28.5.2010: 19:00 – 20:00 in the event centre
Saturday 29.5.2010: 9:00 – 11:00 in the event centre
Sunday 30.5.2010: 8:00 – 9:00 v in the event centre
Start: Saturday: 00 = 12:00, interval start
Sunday: 00 = 10:00, interval start
Distances: Centre – Accommodation: in the event centre
Centre – Parking: till 1000m throughout the village Seletic
Centre – Start (both days): till 5000m, will be specified in Bulletin 2
Centre – Finish (both days): in the event centre
Maps: Surveyed in May 2010, E 5m, based on the draft 2010 ISMTBOM (4x2 road classification system)
The map scale will be specified in Bulletin 2
Terrain Flat or slightly undulating, semi-dense net of paths and trails, usually well rideable
Accommodation: Organiser ensures only the basic accommodation in the event centre, should be ordered together with entries. You can book your accommodation from Friday to Sunday (2 nights)
  • A) on beds – dormitory Seletice – price 170 CZK/person/night, capacity 50 places, 2-4 bed rooms
  • B) on the floor in your own sleeping bags – big rooms in dormitory Seletice – price 70 CZK/person/night, capacity 90 places
  • C) in your own tents on the football pitch Seletice – price 70 CZK/person/night, capacity 50 places
Accommodation places will be given out according to the order of requests
For the accommodated there will be a place to leave your bikes
Parking: In surroundings throughout the village Seletice. The parking fee will be collected.
Catering: Buffee in event centre will be opened both days.
In village Seletice, there is no restaurant with the offer of hot meals. Therefore we offer the possibility to order breakfast (Saturday, Sunday) and dinner (Friday, Saturday). These meals have to be ordered in advance with the entries.
  • Breakfast – price 40 CZK – pastry, butter, jam, ham, cheese, tea
  • Dinner – price 70 Kč – soup + chicken meat with vegetables and rice
Rules: Competitors have to keep the Rules of Czech MTBO federation.
Riding out the tracks is forbidden. You can go through the forest and meadows holding your bike 20 cm above the ground. There will be referees checking keeping the rules, especially riding out tracks. Breaking the rules will mean the disqualification of the competitor.
Cycling helmet is compulsory!
Complaints: Complaint could be given in written form to the chief referee at the latest 1 hour after the closing of Finish.
Officials: Miroslav Kalina – main organiser
Martin Sajal – chief referee
Miroslav Seidl – course settler
Information: http://ob.vse.cz/zavody/mtbo2010
Miroslav Kalina – +420 602 305 007 (mirek.kalina@gmail.com)
VŠTJ Ekonom Praha
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